What is a Sheriff’s Office?

The Tulsa County Sheriff is a constitutionally elected county official. The Office of Sheriff is the oldest Law enforcement office known within the common-law system and typically is the top Law enforcement officer of a county. The Sheriff and deputies, in the performance of their duties, enforce and administer the law according to the standards of the U.S. Constitution and applicable State Constitutions and statutes. The sheriff’s office is a full-service law enforcement agency, similar to a city police department, but it operates across the entire county. The sheriff’s office is responsible for a variety of duties not typicalty handled by city police.
Oklahoma is a rural state consisting of hundreds of square miles and rural roads that are patrolled by the Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff will be called upon to assist many smaller communities and cities with law enforcement. They are often called upon to provide security and crowd control at special events in the county.

Our Mission and Our Values

The mission of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office is to provide quality law enforcement, custodial and court related services for all persons in Tulsa County.  We strive to work with the community through our community policing efforts to address the concerns of citizens. Our core values of integrity, compassion, service, honesty, respect, teamwork, professionalism, accountability, and courage guide us in everything we do.